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Movelat offers a unique formula for your patients

Movelat is effective for local relief of pain and inflammation caused by rheumatic and muscular pain, stiffness, sprains, strains and mild arthritic conditions

Strong reasons to prescribe Movelat

  • A unique formulation that is suitable for a wider range of patients - the ideal recommendation for patients suffering joint or muscle pain, including those taking other medicines or needing longer-term pain relief
  • An ideal first line treatment in accordance with NICE guidelines3*
  • Clinically proven to relieve pain and reduce inflammation2*

Not a prescriber?

You can still recommend Movelat to your clients/patients. Movelat is available over the counter from all high street and independent pharmacies.

Real advantages for the widest range of patients

  • For patients needing an effective alternative to traditional NSAIDs
    Movelat is better tolerated than traditional NSAIDs
  • For patients taking other medications
    Fewer potential interactions with other Medicines than traditional NSAIDs
  • For patients needing longer-term pain relief
    An ideal alternative to recommend ahead of oral NSAIDs for patients needing longer-term pain relief*

*A first line choice for long term treatment

Movelat can continue to be used to treat pain and inflammation without treatment needing to be reviewed (unless review is considered advisable).
This is not the case for all topical NSAIDs. Usage instructions for a leading competitor state that:
'It is recommended that treatment should be reviewed after 14 days for local relief of pain and inflammation and 4 weeks in the treatment of OA pain.'
Movelat is therefore an ideal first line treatment choice for patients who may need longer term pain relief.

Request a visit from T&R representative to discuss Movelat in further detail.

Movelat Relief Cream/Gel 40g £4.62
Movelat Relief Cream/Gel 80g £7.36
Movelat Relief Cream/Gel 125g £7.19 NHS price4

Simple to recommend - It's your move