Why Movelat?

Movelat is ideal for patients who want to lead active lives but are held back by pain



Movelat is better tolerated compared to traditional NSAIDs. (See "Why switch patients to Movelat").


Fewer potential interactions with other medicines than traditional NSAIDs.

Effective alternative

Movelat is an ideal alternative for customers needing more effective pain relief than heat rubs and cooling products can provide.

Movelat is easily absorbed
Penetrates the skin easily to get to the root of the pain and inflammation.
Movelat works
Clinically proven with an established prescription heritage.
Movelat gives them choice
Available in Cream and Gel formats.
Movelat means value
Great value on a gram-for-gram basis vs leading brands5.

It's your move -
Pain relief like no other

Why switch patients to Movelat?

Long-term use of traditional NSAIDs, like diclofenac and ibuprofen, can affect the gastrointestinal tract, and common side effects include indigestion and stomach ulcers; though this is more commonly associated with oral NSAIDs than topical NSAIDs where the risk of gastrointestinal effects is considerably lower.

If appropriate, consider suitable patients for treatment with Movelat for their pain and inflammation on a regular basis. It's important to review patient's use of anti-inflammatory treatments and they should always be directed to speak to a GP or pharmacist if they have any concerns.

Case studies

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